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myHealthCheck provides each employee with a clear starting line, a personalized plan and resources to help them succeed.


Be Assessed

Start with a HealthScore.

Personal assessments (performed in your office, our mobile labs or our Life Time locations) help your employees focus on improving their health.


Review Results

Access to dashboard.

Once assessments are complete, a myHealthAdvisor will talk to employees about their individual results and guide them to their myHealthDashboard.


Create A Plan

Unique to each employee.

Based on each participant’s unique results, a myHealthAdvisor will create a unique nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan, which they track online via myPlan.


Get Moving

Working the plan

With personal plans and online tracking tools of myPlan, participants have what they need to take action and begin meeting goals and living a healthy way of life.


Ongoing Support


Expert, professional coaching, support and advice on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle is available when needed, online or on the phone.


Extra Extras

Exclusive benefits.

Money-saving deals, discounts and informative materials to help on the healthy way of life journey.

A simple, convenient starting point.

A simple, convenient starting point.

A thorough analysis delivers customized, detailed results for each participant.

myHealthCheck can send staff and mobile or in-office labs to your workplace so employees can be assessed on site. Employees also have the option of visiting an in-club lab at a Life Time location. The assessment experience is logistically planned to be convenient for both your company and your employees.


Includes a body analysis (e.g. weight, body fat percentage, strength, flexibility) and lab work (e.g. cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose).

Mobile labs

Testing can be conducted at your work site by our staff in one of our convenient mobile labs.

In-office labs

Our staff can also set up in-office labs to compete the assessments within your workplace.

In-club labs

Participants can also choose to visit the lab of a Life Time club in your area.

Review Results

Review Results

Your employee’s personal journey and expert guidance starts with a confidential Health Advisor conversation.

Most people gain significant insight into their health when they are able to view a comprehensive picture. Exclusive to Life Time, myHealthScore is a composite rating of six key indicators of your overall health.
For a more detailed look at the issues affecting your health or fitness goals, myHealthDashboard shows 16 important indicators. It’s one convenient online resource where participants can easily track progress as health and fitness levels change.

Personalized for every employee.

Personalized for
every employee.

Once assessments are complete, our experienced Health Advisors will create a personalized fitness, nutrition and lifestyle plan which is easy to follow and track online with myPlan.

myPlan is an online system developed to track daily activities and monitor progress toward healthy way of life goals. Once logged in to myPlan, participants can plan and track daily meals, workouts and lifestyle activities. At any time, they can engage online with our professiona Health Advisors to share myPlan entries or solicit any type of help, advice or guidance.


Most people gain significant insight into their health when they are able to view a comprehensive picture. Exclusive to Life Time, myHealthScore is a composite rating of six key indicators of your overall health.


Sleep and movement play an important role in your overall health. Add to your health’s bottom line by tracking movement through monitoring number of steps daily and hours of sleep nightly.


Create workouts and training plans on your own or with the help of your Health Advisor, log completed workouts and see how you’re doing with exercise trend reports.

Get moving. Get healthy.

Get moving. Get healthy.

Employees will commit to healthier living with individual and group activities.

Workout videos

Anywhere with internet access is a good place to get your body moving with workout videos to fit various interests and every fitness level.

Healthy lifestyle videos

Making healthier choices becomes easier when our experts provide nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Healthy events

Life Time offers many types of events from yoga workshops to indoor cycling events that will help keep a focus on living healthy.

Learn how to eat healthy

Health Advisors will offer advice and guidance on how to make shopping easier and healthier for every family.

Onsite & online health workshops

Explore the world of health and nutrition, plus get tips for tracking goals with our convenient workshops.

Run club & cycle club

These clubs are a great social opportunity for everyone, whether employees are just getting started or training for a specific goal.

Weight loss support

Our specialized weight loss expertise can help employees optimize metabolism to achieve sustained weight loss.

Company challenges & fun runs

Create unique team-building experiences by holding in-office contests or participating in one of our more the 150 events nationwide.

Access to expert advice.

Access to expert advice.

A key feature of myHealthCheck is our certified professional Health Advisors. They set up a fitness , nutrition and lifestyle plan that’s personalized, based on individual myHealthScore assessment results. They listen, inform and guide, and as individuals evolve, so does the plan. Health Advisors are accessible every step of the way.

Plan coaching

From establishing a fitness and nutrition plan to monitoring it along the way, our Health Advisors play an active role in each employee’s healthy way of life journey.

Fitness & nutrition tips

Whether registered dietitians or certified personal trainers, our Health Advisors have exceptional credentials and will provide participants with advice, tips and suggestions.

Health expertise

Highly qualified and trained in the latest metabolic, physiological, fitness and nutrition sciences, our Health Advisors answer questions and deliver professional guidance.

Motivation & accountability

There may be days when some people need a little extra motivation. Our Health Advisors keep employees engaged and on track to achieve their goals.

Extra extras.

Extra extras.

Exclusive resources usually reserved for Life Time members are available for your employees.

There’s more to myHealthCheck than meets the eye. Your employees receive access to exclusive healthy way of life products, services, resource materials, races and events they can’t find anywhere else.

Life Time membership savings

Become a Life Time member and pay no start-up fees plus save on your dues.


The gateway to a healthy way of life, find workout vides, expert advice, tracking tools, sweet deals ad more.

Member Advantage

Save on products and services used daily with our exclusive affinity program.

Athletic events

Build teamwork and create a unique experience for your employees with our triathlons, fun runs and races.

Cycle & run club

Join in running, cycling and social activities, plus receive unique offers.

Healthy pantry app

Scan the barcode of packaged foods for an easy way to eat healthy on the go.

Experience Life magazine

Savor our monthly award-winning magazine promoting life’s healthy balance.

Flourish e-newsletter

Receive expert health and nutrition articles delivered via inbox every week.

Eat Well. Live well. Nutrition manual.

Learn the latest practical information about nutrition and supplementation.